Girl In A Band February 28, 2015 19:32

Kim Gordon's autobiography, Girl In A Band is published today featuring a crop of one of my pictures on the cover. Sometime around 1990 on the New York City subway.

Nick Cave exhibition coming up February 28, 2015 19:11

I've been printing!





The Queen gets married February 28, 2015 18:08

My friends Eva & Morgan got married a month ago.

They asked me to take their pictures the day before.

I don't usually do weddings (only around 5 ever in my life) but as they are very good friends and I know they'd be up for a bit of fun I agreed.

Eva has this thing about Corgis and HM The Q… Morgan doesn't quite have Phil the Greek's sneer down yet but he's working on it!




Michael Jackson in last weeks Shortlist February 25, 2015 10:16

An interesting piece by Mark Ellen about how he became an expert and confidant of Jacko… in the eyes of the BBC's obituary squad.

Illustrated by an unseen picture from my shots at Wembley Stadium in July 1988.

You can buy a used ticket stub from the show on eBay (should you be so inclined)

…and you can buy an unused print from me here!

The Independant newspaer article on my Experiencing Nirvana show February 25, 2015 10:13

Here's the piece the British newspaper The Independant did on the show.

Huzzah for more press!

ICON magazine cover May 2014 February 25, 2015 10:13

ICON magazine this month has design duo Barber/Osgerby on the cover (they designed the Olympic torch BTW). Nice design duo, nice cover.  Except that one of them was in New York and one in London. Art Director Shazia Choudrey didn't shy away from this though and commissioned myself in London and Florence Montmare in New York to shoot each person individually. I shot Jay Osgerby against the salmon background. A thoroughly modern cover shoot that would likely never have happened 20 years ago!

Mojo Interview about the Experiencing Nirvana exhibition February 25, 2015 09:56

I had a fun chat with Danny Eccleston from MOJO magazine a week ago and this is what he wrote

It was strange and interesting to go over all the old memories of shooting Nirvana and the craziness surrounding them at the time.

above image: Kurt Cobain walks off stage past the remnants of his smashed guitar at the end of the Lamefest UK gig at London's Astoria Theatre, 3rd December 1989

And here's another one of the images from the show at Proud Galleries, Kurt floating foetal like, in the air!

The Pictures on the Wall February 25, 2015 09:44

Some pix from the show @proudgalleries that opened last night.

Looking nice!


Manolo Blahnik in The Observer Magazine February 24, 2015 16:27

Some fantastic quotes from the King (or Queen) of the stiletto :

“Relationships for me are a no-go. Imagine waking up with someone breathing all over you. I find it very uncivilized.”


Experiencing Nirvana February 24, 2015 16:18

What a great way to start a blog, with news of a Nirvana exhibition opening!

As of Thursday March 27th you'll be able to pop along to Proud Galleries in Camden and view photos of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana by Charles Peterson and myself.

Here's the poster for the show



The Quietus piece on my 'Experiencing Nirvana' exhibition February 04, 2015 11:49

The Quietus just ran a little piece on my Experiencing Nirvana show at Proud Galleries.  

Read it here



Unseen Nirvana image now available to buy February 04, 2015 11:33

An unseen Nirvana image from my Madrid July 4th 1992 shoot.

The last couple of frames I shot I decided to twist the camera to a jaunty angle. 

Kinda works I think!

You can buy a print here