Michael Hutchence / INXS


24th June 1988, BBC Wembley Arena, London As was common practise at any concert larger than a pub back room, photographers were allowed 3 songs in which to capture a dramatic image to convey the excitement of actually being at a gig. No flash either. In some cases (Echo and the Bunneymen, New Order, The Fall etc etc this was well nigh impossible with next to no lighting and no movement from the 'performers') but in other more 'showbiz' minded cases, such as INXS, this was plenty of time in which to shoot loads of exciting images. Michael Hutchence shed his camp cowboy outfit after one song and carried on in this ruffled little number. I'm sure the bare chest came out around song 5 but by then I was on my way back to the darkroom at the other side of town to process and print for tomorrow morning's deadline.

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