Nick Cave


February 1994, Saõ Paolo, Brazil We'd been doing shots around Saõ Paolo all afternoon when Nick suddenly went, "I know this place with a really great view of the city. Only thing is you have to buy a Caipreña before they'll let you out on the balcony." Well no problem there! The only thing was, as we found out at the top of the long elevator ride, this establishment had rather large delusions of grandeur and refused entry to anyone in shorts. No, Nick was wearing long trousers but I was not. With the light fading fast I raced to the nearest clothing store, literally threw the money at them and told them to keep the change as I stripped to my pants and put on the trousers there and then. I raced back to the rooftop bar, chugged down a Caipreña and dragged Nick out on to the terrace to get this cracker of a shot. Please select an item:

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